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Thursday, June 30, 2016

June Newsletter

Happy Summer Everyone!

Find the June newsletter here.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Farewell to VP Ms. Tasevski

Dear Parents/Guardians, Staff and Students,

Please join me in wishing Vice-Principal Linda Tasevski all the very best as she bids farewell to the staff, students and parents of Fern Junior and Senior Public School.

During her tenure at Fern Junior and Senior Public School, Vice-Principal Linda Tasevski has proven herself to be a dedicated and hardworking vice-principal and we sincerely thank her for her years of contribution to the students, staff and community of Fern Junior and Senior School.  She will be deeply missed.  On behalf of the Toronto District School Board, we wish her much success in her new endeavours.

Following approval at Board meeting last evening, Ms. Lindita Guffin will assume the vice-principalship at Fern Junior and Senior School.  Vice-Principal Lindita Guffin comes with many years of experience teaching and leading in administrative roles and was a dedicated administrator at various schools within the Toronto District School Board most recent being at Queen Victoria Public School.  Vice-Principal Lindita Guffin is looking forward to working with Prinicpal Eric Szonyi, staff and community towards maintaining a safe and caring school environment.

Please join me in thanking Vice-Principal Linda Tasevski for her ongoing commitment and dedication to the students, staff and parents extending a warm welcome to Vice-Principal Lindita Guffin as she begins her new role as Vice-Principal at Fern Avenue Junior and Senior Public School.

Yours in partnership,

Curtis Ennis
Superintendent of Education
WR07 Family of Schools 

Monday, June 20, 2016


Dear Parents/Guardians,
Please note we still have quite a few lost & found items which have not been claimed.
Kindly have a look through the items displayed in the main foyer, those items not claimed will be donated.
Thank you.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Help Unlock the Wabash Community Centre

The City of Toronto has pledged $34 million to build the new Wabash Community Centre at Sorauren Park by 2023, starting with design studies in 2017.

We need you to Show Your Support to ensure this remains a priority project for our neighbourhood.

A private donor has generously provided funds to pay for special keychains for students and families of Fern Avenue Public School.

Please send any old keys you have (that no longer work) into your child's classroom for them to attach to their keychain. If you have a lot of old keys, please send them all so that we can distribute them to those who don't have one. Your children will show their support by writing their name on the keychain. You can also send beads in so classes can personalize their keychain.

Classes will hang their keychains on the fence in Sorauren Park’s south-east corner along Wabash Avenue... joining the growing number of keychains already there.

Funds raised through the keychain campaign support the continued efforts of the non-profit Wabash Building Society to enhance the Sorauren Park experience including Movie Nights in the Town Square, forthcoming construction of a Pizza Oven, operation of the Natural Ice Rink and much more.

Click here for a flyer on the Unlock the Wabash Community Centre initiative. Visit Soraurenpark.com for more information.

Mini-Carnival - Monday June 27th

Room 202 is holding a mini-carnival on Monday, June 27th for students in Grades 1-4. Students are asked to bring a donation of $2 to $5 next week. They will get a bracelet allowing them to play games like pinball and tomahawk throwing. They'll also get a couple of treats.

Room 202 is putting on this event as a fundraiser for Attawapiskat, a reserve in Northern Ontario where there is a suicide crisis.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Grade 8 Graduation

Dear Parents/ Guardians,
Just another reminder that our Fern Avenue PS grade 8 GRADUATION is fast approaching.
The Graduation ceremony will take place on Tuesday, June 28th at Parkdale Collegiate Institute on Jameson Avenue from 4:30 to 5:30 PM.
Graduates are asked to please come to PCI between 3:30 and 3:45PM for a group photo.
Once the ceremony comes to an end the graduates are invited to celebrate at the LULA LOUNGE from 6 to 10 PM.
Parents please note if you are  not picking up your child from the LULA LOUNGE kindly notify Vera Ciric in the main office of alternate pick up arrangements.
Thank you.

New Estimated Time Of Arrival for Montreal Buses

Dear Parents/Guardians,
New estimated time of arrival for grade 8's returning from Montreal is now 7:40 to 8:20 PM the buses are about 30 mins apart.
Thank you.


Dear Parent/Guardians,
The estimated time of arrival of the grade 8's returning from Montreal is between 7 & 8 PM this evening.
Students will be dropped off on Wright Avenue.
Thank you,

Fern Fun Fair

A Huge Thank You to all of the Volunteers who helped make the day the great success it was.

The dunk tank was a great addition this year.
Thank you to Principal Szonyi, Mr. Nikolajevic, Mr. Sy and Mr. Ciric for their participation!
Thank you Taya & Chris.

The weather cooperated and a lot of fun was had by all that attended.

Thank you to Janet Hoard who ran an fantastic Bake Sale for the 3rd consecutive year.

We raised $6830 which is a terrific result and will enrich the students programs for the 2016-2017 school year.

Thank you
Liz Leason
Fun Fair Organizer

Enjoy your summer without having to worry about next year’s lunches!

Fern’s hot-lunch program has served more than 30,000 lunches this year to students from JK to grade 8, teachers and staff.

Why not sign up for next school year's program right now and take care of all your child's lunches for a year? In September, TDSB NS will continue to offer a 4-week menu rotation featuring items such as chicken cacciatore, teriyaki noodles, burger with oven fries, chicken noodle soup, kale caesar salad, chicken tikka masala and pita pizza.

For more details about next year's lunch program click here. To order, simply fill out, detach and submit the form with your payment in a sealed envelope. The secure wall-mounted deposit box is conveniently located outside the Ferncliff Daycare office (room 103).

The deadline for your order is Wednesday, June 29th to begin lunch on Tuesday, September 6th, 2016.

Fern Food Committee


It's not too late to take care of 189 school lunches right now!

Just a reminder that if you'd like to get next year's lunches out of the way before summer starts, you still can! Simply fill out the order form and drop it off by Wednesday, June 29th.

If you'd like to read about next year's lunch program, please click here.

Thanks and have a happy and safe summer,

Fern Food Committee

Fern’s Eco Club is Donating to Two Local Environmental Organizations

One of the organizations is called Green Thumbs.
Green Thumbs offers food growing and environmental education programs in 4 inner-city schools and 2 park sites. Their programs take place in the east downtown Toronto neighbourhoods of Saint James town, Cabbagetown, and Regent Park. Green Thumbs mission statement is “to empower urban children, youth and their families to learn about, grow and prepare fresh foods, cultivated in an environmentally sustainable manner, in hands-on programs.” The organization’s vision is of healthy communities with learning gardens everywhere! For more information: greenthumbsto.org

The other organization is called Earth Rangers.
Earth Rangers is an organization that helps children to learn how to help animals. Their programs are based on research that indicates that the #1 environmental concern for children across Canada is protecting animals from extinction. Earth Rangers takes that concern and translates it into action; they encourage children to make a difference for animals by participating in a variety of projects and activities. Their mission statement is: “Children may be our greatest natural resource, but the world is their greatest natural resource. Together, let’s empower them to protect it.” For more information: earthrangers.com

The Fern Eco Club students have decided to donate $300 to each of these great organizations!

By Beata S. and Abby S.

Members of the Fern Eco Club

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

MacGregor Playground Teaching Garden Programming

We want to invite you to share our spring/summer programming at MacGregor Park with the students - we are just around the corner from the school, on Lansdowne north of College.

For two more weeks in the spring, we have community garden and theater drop in sessions once a week on Saturday mornings from 10-1pm. The south end of the park is the perfect spot for a family day, with enough shade to sit aside and listen to or sing along with music by Lisa Bozikovic. Kit Tough runs the theater workshops: where stories and characters are developed, inspired by the gardens and park. And still plenty to do in the gardens. All building towards a group performance for July 1st, Canada Day.

In the summer we will be expanding our to three times a week, and together with our gardener, Ava Lightbody, students can learn about growing and harvesting an edible garden in a public park.

Students in finishing grade 8 can connect with us to start doing their community hours in the garden. We would love the help!

We also wanted to see if you have any summer plans that could include field trips or visits. The first radishes have already been harvested and we're eager to start cooking and crafting with the summer's bounty!

I've attached a poster for June and a short video to give you an idea of what we do. Click here for the garden club information.

Please do get in touch,
Mayssan Shuja

Programming is hosted by Botanicus Art Ensemble (http://www.botanicusart.com) and Kristen Farig
Email us at botanicus.art@gmail.com a Community Arts Organization based in Toronto, Canada.

We bring professional artists of various disciplines together with community members for the goal of shared creative expression. The exchange of ideas enhances the enjoyment of public space for everyone, and contributes to a connection with nature in the urban environment.)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Eco Team Waste Audit

In May, the Fern Eco Team participated in a waste audit with Mme. Tse and Mme. Mably. During the waste audit we had to sort through the garbage, compost, and recycling to see whether or not teachers, students and staff were properly sorting their garbage, compost, and recycling. It was not a fun job but we learned a lot during the audit.

When we sorted through the garbage we found many items that did not belong in the garbage bin. The compost bin was good in some ways because there was a lot of food scraps. One thing that we noticed and were quite surprised with was the amount of uneaten food that had been prepared carefully for students by their parents. The recycling bag had a lot of garbage and some unopened food and cutlery in it.

Overall the school did okay, but we think we could have done better. Things that we can do to improve are:
· Take a moment to ensure you are placing your item in the right bin
· Take all uneaten food back home
· Reusable containers are a great way to reduce garbage
· Remember to take care of our school and our environment

By: Nancy Z. and Julia S., members of the Eco Team